Attending healthy and fair games has always been an aspiration for you karate practitioners-athletes and instructors. The IeKO electronic-virtual technology together with experienced and skilled human forces that collaborate with IeKO, provide you with the opportunity to participate in e-Karate Games and expose your skills in both Kata and Kumite sections competitions.

e-Karate Games is a serial tournament held in five phases and the participants who score the highest ranking will be honored to receive the IeKO winner e-diploma.

The e-Karate Games it’s the competition approach in the new global reality. The appearance of the Covid-19 created new eras in the competitions, training and education activities.

The necessary safety conditions obliged us to develop a new project, the e-karate games and give the possibility to all karateka around the world to have the opportunity to participate in official events without the need to travel around the world! The first edition of the e-Karate Games 2020 will take place in kata of the 4 basic traditional karate styles, Shotokan, Shito-Ryu, Goju-Ryu and Wado-Ryu. The kata will be judged by high level International referees who guaranties the neutrality and reliability of the results.


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