The International e-Karate Organization (IeKO) is a non-profit organization based in London U.K. and its task is to provide virtual-electronic technology for athletes and coaches taking part in e-karate events and e-competitions in both Kata and Kumite. An important objective for IeKO is the education of athletes in karate through e-learning system, as well as the organization of e-events and e-competitions under a unified set of rules and regulations. As such, the use of the internet and other related technologies to organize e- karate events allow the martial art of karate to be more accessible across all continents and it is the mission of IeKO to work with karate bodies, clubs and individual athletes both nationally and internationally in order to help further this initiative.

Additionally, the systematic incorporation of IeKO into schools and colleges is also expressive of our strategy. The entertaining technologies of IeKO, while being educational, provide the opportunity for schools and universities around the world to safely participate in e-karate leagues and enjoy Karate.

IeKO will run different projects in order to achieve its goals.

e-Karate Games, Global Dojo and e-karate Education are the main projects will be developed by IeKO.